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by Tai Shan Music

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released September 18, 2013



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Tai Shan Music Seattle, Washington

Seattle-based pop-folk artist and songwriter Tai Shan is known for her unusual chord voicing, wide sweeping melodies, and detailed lyrics. As a music teacher, performer, composer, and collaborator with a wide variety of jazz, folk, and pop musicians, she has gained a dedicated fan following through performances across the West Coast. ... more

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Track Name: Before the End
G C/E D/F# G
I realize now what were searching for
Bmin A/C Dsus4
Someway to make it timeless
G C/E D/F# G
Within the folds of the years that keep turning past
C G/B Amin D
Someone to gauge the progress

Emin B7/D#
Don’t let the fire melt your wings
Emin/G A7sus4 A7
And let you fall before you sing
Amin Dsus4 B7/D Ddim
Within the trust of each breath you breath
C Amin Dsus4 D7
You learn to give before you receive

G C/E D/F# G
I realize now I’m not alone
Bmin A/C Dsus4
We are all searching for a way to belong
G C/E D/F# G
Within the smile of a child the touch of a friend
C G/B Amin D
Someway to carry long after the end

Emin B7/D#
We watch the lonely storm roll in
Emin/G A7sus4 A7
that makes us lose the child within
Amin Dsus4 B7/D Ddim
Until we learn to trust again
C G/B Amin D
And learn to live before the end

C emin
Here we are
Dmin G7
Trying so hard
Eb D
To be the life we think we live
g G7
To be the one within this skin
C Cmin/Eb Amin Edim D/F# G
And learn to live before the end
Track Name: Isn't it About Time
Harriet Beacher Stowe
is sitting on the front porch swing
The world she knows is debating slavery
all that is on her mind
the words that she wants to write
are isn’t it about time

Susan b Anthony
marches on cold Chicago streets
skirt dragging in the snowy sleet
She raises her voice to speak
In her hands she holds a sign
give a vote for woman kind
all that is on her mind
Is isn’t it about time

Malcolm x Martin Luther King
different sides of the same damn thing
take the microphone to speak
I have a dream
Its not about black or white
But who is the one to decide
the rights of humankind

Isn’t about time
every generation has there own battle to fight
Come on now its about time

As a young girl in a San Francisco church
my grand dad danced with both the grooms
Uncle married the man of his dreams
years later and were still arguing

Isn’t it about time we change our minds
It never was up to us to decide
what are human rights
cause where do you draw a line